Picture Gallery Of Cool Things We've Done

On this page we've collected pictures of some of our embroidery we're proud of but practical to sell through the Web Store.  

If something here interests you or inspires you to have some custom work done,

     email:   d.harbin@ragbag.com     or call him at (540) 967-5400.

      This leather jacket design was created as a commemorative to the 8th Air Force.
Stationed in England during WWII,
the 8th Air Force suffered the highest loss rate of any US combat unit.
It includes the map of Britain, the flag at Half Staff, a missing man fly over, the official
and unofficial 8th AF insignia, as well as lists of all 8th AF Bomber and Fighter Groups.
A commemorative to US aviation since 1903 embroidered on the back of Leather Jackets.
This Corsair embroidered on the back of Leather Jackets
is from a painting by Stan Stokes and was sewn under license.

This jacket back design was created for Sarah Wilson
from artwork she provided.  She restored this beautiful Stearman.  

This Goldfish was created for Photoworks from a photograph of
Hector the Goldfish splashing into the  water.

It is sewn so Hector is actual size on shirts and the front of caps, with the
logo on the cap back.  The details include all the scales, the ribs in the fins
change color along their length, the eye even flickers as the light catches it just right.


This design was created to look like an old ad for Ford's new Tri-Motor airplane Model A.
and the  Ford advertised the Model A as the New Ford.