About Us

Rag Bag Rag Bag Aero Works was started in 1997 after
Dennis and Patricia Harbin grew tired of trying
to find quality embroidered shirts to show their pride in this beautiful 1941 WACO.

As a result the Embroidery and Graphics
products we produce are simply better than  anything else out there.

Dennis has been involved with aviation since building models as a child.  He joined EAA in 1963 and with his father started building a Fly Baby in January 1964, just as the Beatles landed.  They finished it in July 1966 and it is still part of the family.

The Cabin WACO has been sold but our current projects include a 1926 WACO model NINE, some changes to the Fly Baby, and a 1947 Cessna 140.

You are welcome to check out Dennis' project blogs, linked below.
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