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Custom Embroidered Polo/Golf (knit) Shirts

Over the years one of the popular items we have embroidered for people
   has been the polo/golf shirt.  When we started in 1997 we used shirts
   made by Outer Banks.  We liked their shirts and they held up well in use.
   Unfortunately they went out of business in the recent recession.
We now use shirts made by Devon and Jones for most of our embroidered
   polos.  They are made of a Pique knit fabric made from 100% Peruvian
   Pima cotton, except for Grey Heather which is 90% cotton, 10% polyester.
   On the men's shirts the placket (neck opening) features three buttons.
   The ladies shirt has a two-button placket.

The men's short sleeve (S/S) shirts are available in Small - 6XL and XLT - 3XLT.
   The ladies short sleeve shirts are available in Small - 3XL.
   Both men's and ladies are available with long sleeves (L/S), men's Small - 4XL,
   and ladies in Small - 2XL.  The body of the men's Tall are 2" longer.

If you want to see the colors available for each of these shirts you can click
   on any of the pictures at the right and it will take you to our distributors
   on-line catalog for that shirt style.  You will leave our web site but should
   able to go BACK to it or if your browser opens a new window just close that window to return.   

    Men's  S/S         Ladies S/S          Men's L/S          Ladies L/S       Men's Tall

The space for embroidery is limited by the placket (buttoned neck opening) and the wrinkles
   around the sleeves.  Accordingly we limit the size of embroidery to about 3 1/2" to 4" wide.
   On XL and larger sizes there is a little more room if needed.

Most of our designs will fit the space nicely.  There are times, especially on
   smaller size shirts where a particular design will not fit.

We can also embroider on the sleeves and on the back of the shirt.

The prices for shirts with a typical airplane embroidered on the left chest are:

We charge $10 to add a single name or and N-Number.

Please contact us with questions.

email:      or       phone Dennis at (540) 967-5400