About Shirts

We currently only have tee shirts and sweat shirts in the Web Store.

We have other shirts available for custom printing and embroidery.
    email:  Dennis@ragbag.com     or call him at (540) 967-5400

We prefer cotton tees and sweats but some are cotton/poly blends.
All of the shirts are printed, not embroidered.  There are a variety

of materials we use for printing these designs.

Most of the designs on the shirts are either old Aviation Trademarks,
    Military Insignia, or Poster Images we have downloaded from the
    Library of Congress.  When needed we pay royalties.

The trademarks and insignia are carefully researched and redrawn
    to assure the highest quality reproduction of the original artwork.

We use men's size shirts for all of our tees and sweats.  It's not
    that we have anything against ladies it's just that the sizing for
    ladies apparel is so confusing it just has never worked for us.

We have found by comparing actual shirts that ladies tees are
    one size smaller than men's.  Ladies Large = Men's Medium

    Men's                    Ladies    
3XL   54-56   
2XL   50-52    =     3XL   24-26  
  XL   46-48           2XL   20-22
Lrg    42-44           XL     16-18
Med  38-40           Lrg     12-14
Sml   34-36           Med     8-10

All shirts are pre-shrunk and shrink very little, about 3/4" in length
for an XL.  This is mostly because when new the shirts are
smooth as if they were ironed, few people iron tee's after drying.