About Caps

  • We use caps from a variety of suppliers.  We try to use the best caps we can afford so they will provide good service to you and look good.
  • All the caps we use are basically one size fits all (most) by means of a strap on the back of the cap which adjusts the size.  Some of these caps use Velcro to adjust the length of the strap, some use a buckle (slider) and a few use the old plastic lock straps.
  • We prefer all cotton caps but a few use other fabrics.  Because we can not afford custom made caps, all have the button on top.  These can easily be removed and if you would like it removed email us at d.harbin@ragbag.com or call (540) 967-5400.
  • All of our caps use 6 panels to form the crown of the cap.  The biggest difference in the caps is the shape and structure of the crown.  Caps are made with a stiff front (structured) crown and without a soft front (unstructured) crown.
  • There are basically 4 different shapes of (baseball) caps.
            1 - The older style Baseball or Trucker caps have a tall
                  crown and the stiff (structured) front stands up more .
            2 - The newer style caps have a more rounded profile
                  with a medium (structured) crown height.
            3 - There are also some caps with a lower very rounded crown
                  profile with a stiff front (structured).
            4 - Most of the low profile crown caps have a 
                  soft crown (unstructured) and easily fit in your pocket.
  • We can also add an N-number or name to the back of the cap.  I'm working on how to let customers more easily do this and ask to remove the button through the web store.