About Banners

Our Banners feature old Aviation Trademarks and Military Insignia.
A few have Aviation History information and some are just clever thoughts about Aviation.
They are made by us in Virginia, artwork, printing, sewing, & grommets.

They are intended for display in a hangar, office, den, etc.
To assist in displaying them we install brass grommets in the top corners.  If you'll be displaying one in a windy location we can add grommets to the lower corners for a small price.

We make our banners from Cotton Canvas for a vintage look and feel.

The inks are intended for outdoor use but cotton deteriorates in direct sunlight.     (That's why we use aluminum pigmented paints to protect the fabric on old airplanes.)  If you need to display the banner outdoors continuously we can print them on outdoor vinyl.

Depending on how the artwork fits we usually make them 54" wide by 25" tall, 36" wide by 19" tall, or 22" wide by whatever height ( 22" to 36" ) it takes to fit the logo.


 The sizes are the result of the width of the cotton canvas we print on

    and the width of our printer.  We can do custom work in different sizes if needed.

We research old logos and insignia and then we draw them as accurately as
    possible for you to display with pride.
    We also research each item to make sure we honor Trademarks and Copyrights.

On some banners we can also add an N-number below the logo.  
   If you would like to add an N-number please call Dennis at (540) 967-5400.